February events: Performance at Children\’s Museum and Theatre and children\’s classes

While we have put our Portland adult dance class on hiatus for the time being (we are now accepting registrations for the spring, starting in March or April once we have a full group), there are several events geared at children coming up soon.
The Children\’s Museum and Theater of Portland has a wonderful exhibit on Bharata Natyam starting this coming Sunday, February 22nd. The exhibit was created by Jamie Andrew, and it was a pleasure to work with her on making this project a reality. It\’s a great joy for me as a teacher to raise awareness about an art form that is as vivid and exciting now, halfway across the world from its origin in Tamil Nadu, South India, as it was almost 2000 years ago.
This coming Sunday at 11 am sharp, join us in exploring the exhibit by first watching a dance performance by yours truly, then enjoy refreshments and interact with the different elements on display. The performance is free with museum entry, for members and children under 18 months. Later on, there is a chance for children to experience an actual Bharata Natyam dance class at the museum. Registration and fees will be required. There will be a total of 3 classes in following Sundays, culminating with a mini performance of the little stars for the proud parents. So if your girls or boys are budding artists who may enjoy exploring a new way to use their body and even tell a short story, this is an interesting opportunity for them. But first, see you at the performance in the morning, which will include a practical demonstration of dance steps, some dances and detailed explanation of the meanings depicted in the dance.

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