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New Bharata Natyam dance class at Mayo st Arts Center

As previously mentioned, we-ve been planning new dance classes to help adults and children experience the joy of learning Bharata Natyam right here in Maine.
We are happy to announce the first class will take place at Mayo st Arts center, Saturdays 10 to 11 am. Starting date is planned for November 1st (followed by November 8, 15 and 22. If the class if not full, we would start a week later.)   Email me  now with a few details about yourself.

Registrations are currently open: 

Bharata Natyam for adults (16 + old)
This introduction to the classical dance style focuses on body conditioning and flexibility in order to increase stamina,posture and core body strength. Basic adavus(dance steps) and Abhinayaa (expression using the face, gestures, body postures) elements are included. Classes will start with warm up exercises to promote ease of movement and balance,  continue with the core Adavus and in the last part focus on Abhinayaa.
Classes will be offered in 4  class modules with drop ins allowed. A class is 1 hour long.
A 4 classes module is 50 $, and a drop in class is 20 $.
6 students are required to start the class. 
Guidelines for all classes: A dress code would be applied for the class: salwar kameez with dupatta or practice sari. Alternatively, a tunic (long shirt) and yoga pants can be worn with dupatta (2 yards long plain cotton fabric which will be worn as a belt holding and shaping the waist). Please have a notebook for writing dance notes and theory elements. Students are required to ensure they are fit to dance and not attend the class if they have infectious diseases(flu, etc).
The classes will take place in modules, starting from absolute beginner and advancing. Regular students who dedicate their time and practice seriously can take part in performances when ready. 
We are also planning a  Bharata Natyam dance class for children:
Bharata Natyam for children (ages 5-15)
Introduction to Bharata Natyam for absolute beginners, including warm up, basic steps( adavus) and Abhinayaa elements ( hand gestures, feet positions).
The children\’s class may be on same of different dates.
If you would like to join our classes but the date/time is not ideal, or would like to register your child for the future class, please contact me as we are in the process of arranging new classes.

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